September 25th

The day you left I was devastated

Devastated because “forever” was gone

Gone were the days of you and I

I was broken.

Broken beyond repair, I meditated

Meditated to find peace for my heart that was shaken

Shaken to pieces because you were the one holding it together.

"I don’t hate you, I don’t think I could ever hate you, a part of me will probably always love you but I hate what you did to me."

— 1:59pm thoughts (via dumbpet)

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They once told me that I had to have the world in the palm of my hand in order to be successful. As I looked down to his fingers intertwined with mine and our hands tightly interlocked, I agreed.


Temporary bliss
I’m waiting for the moment when you’ll leave.
Unavoidable fate
I feel you drifting further away from me.
Consistent doubt
You won’t stay because nobody else believes.
Timeless love
I could be terribly wrong but we’ll just wait and see. 



Some search their whole life for a piece,

a piece that will fill them in and renew.

That piece can be anything, for me it was you.

After all, we are just puzzles yearning to be complete.

Beauty Behind Veiled Eyes turned 1 today!

Beauty Behind Veiled Eyes turned 1 today!

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You are wholesome and real.
You are a ginger fire lover;
I would have never guessed.

Bring me closer I want to feel;
buried treasure I yearn to discover
pounding beneath your chest. 



My thoughts are in prose but when I sit down to write it all ceases.



That voice is back again spouting words of negativity
Joyful me cowers while this evil force takes over entirely.
I suppose this is why I am destined to anonymity:
No one wants to handle this beast controlling me.



I find that the biggest hearts have the heaviest souls because far too often is their kindness mistaken for weakness. True to their nature they don’t seem to ever correct anyone. They just bury it, they bury everything. But the most fascinating thing of all is when it bubbles over, when it…



I went to a local craft fair to browse
handmade trinkets of every sort
displayed lovingly for all to see.

While there my nose became aroused 
a scent so clear and undistorted
brought tears to my eyes instantly. 

It was you there with me, wasn’t it?


Food for thought

There is no amount of words that can stitch back together the wounds he has caused you.

There is no magic cure-all potion for you to consume that will eat away at the demons that haunt you.

There is no guarantee that you will not be hurt again by those same wretched hands that hurt you the first time.

However, I promise to be there for you during any trial or tribulation. I won’t leave you, cheat on you, or lie.

Never lose faith in those around you.

"A part of me dies when I hear people apologising for showing emotion, for showing how they truly feel. They’re labelled as needy and desperate, because there’s some kind of rule that overrides your ability to show how you truly feel. Some barrier created to work like a robot, to not be sensitive, to remain cold and hide your supposedly non-existent feelings; they make you feel ashamed for expressing what you genuinely feel. There is never a reason to hide what you feel, just because they do, it doesn’t mean you have to."

— Michael Daaboul (via yasodhara)

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there is something innately depressing both about being in love and falling out of it



Sleep evades me tonight.
It could be the energy drink from hours ago
or the nervousness from being in your sight.
Either way talking to you again has got me thrown.